Italian tripod and accessory manufacturer Manfrotto has announced a new heavy-weight head to its XPRO range. The XPRO Geared Head is designed for photographers who use weighty equipment and who like to be able to make precise adjustments to their composition.

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The head features three geared adjustment handles that individually twist to produce a rotation of up to 9.5 degrees with a complete turn in a single orientation. These handles are intended to be used once the photographer has the framing approximately right, with the tiny rotations in three planes allowing fine corrections and shifts without the bother of having to unlock any part of the head. Larger adjustments can be made by squeezing the handles against the levers next to them to unlock each hinge for free movement.

The XPRO Geared Head weighs 0.75kg/1.65lbs itself and can carry up to 4kg/8.82lbs. Fitted with the standard 200PL quick release plate, the head allows -20 to +90 degrees of front tilt and -90 to +30 degree of lateral rotation. The head stands 13cm/5.12in from the tripod, is fitted with two spirit levels and is made from 'Adapto' technopolymer. Manfrotto says it is the lightest and most precise head it has ever made.

The Manfrotto XPRO Geared Head will cost £169.95. For more information visit the XPRO page on the Manfrotto website.