Sony DSC-F505 40:1, image courtesy of PC WatchPC Watch's resident pro photograph Yamada reports on the digital cameras on show at the special preview day of World PC Expo 99, Chiba, Japan. Sony and Nikon steal the show, Sony with a 40:1 scaled-up model of the DSC-F505, Nikon give visitors opportunity to have hands-on with the D1 (still prototype).


As you can see by the photo above Sony were flexing their marketing muscle again with a HUGE model of the F505, it's important to note just how relevant this digital camera is in Sony's strategies, it's a camera which appeals to both previous Sony owners (Mavica owners) and competes directly with the 2.1+ megapixel class (it's a shame they've crippled it a little with the heavy JPEG compression). Full review of the Sony DSC-F505 here. Samples from the camera here.


Nikon were showing two D1's (not sure if they were prototype two or three; the one I used was prototype one) with hands-on for certain individuals, Yamada commented that Nikon have drawn out the marketing on the D1 over many, many months now and that he expected this booth to be crowded on the first public day tomorrow.


Olympus were showing the C-2500L (by the looks of the pictures they had about ten cameras for hands-on testing) and a professional photographer seminar talking about the camera and it's "revolutionary technology".


Fuji were showing the MX-1700 (FinePix 1700Z) along with talk of a to-be-announced 2.3 megapixel digital camera with built-in printer (a sort of digital instant camera).