Photo: Eric Kim

Eric Kim is one of the most prolific street photographers around, but he's also a keen blogger. In this article, originally posted on his site back in spring, he offers some advice on how to buy a new camera for street photography. Rather than a simple buyers' guide, though, Kim delves into the psychology of purchase decisions, citing research by psychologist Barry Schwartz which divides us into two categories - 'maximizers' and 'satisficers'.

According to Schwartz, Maximizers engage in more product comparisons than satisficers, both before and after they make purchasing decisions, and they take longer than satisficers to decide on a purchase. They also savor positive events less than satisficers and do not cope as well with negative events.

Kim's conclusion? 'When it comes to buying cameras for street photography, I think it is far better to be a "satisficer" than a "maximizer."'