Micro Four Thirds: ten years old this week
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Micro Four Thirds: ten years old this week

There were no illustrations when the Micro Four Thirds concept was announced, so we had to draw our own.

Ten years ago this week, Panasonic and Olympus announced the Micro Four Thirds format. And in doing so, prompted us to use the term 'mirrorless' for the first time.

The rather corporate press release didn't necessarily spell out just how important a development it was. The two camera makers thought they were announcing a new mount, while trying not to upset existing Four Thirds customers. What they were actually doing was changing the direction of the industry.

We'd initially written a story stating that "Panasonic and Olympus have said they've developed a new mount with a shorter flange-back distance that will ... " but that wasn't the story at all. So instead we ran with: "Olympus and Panasonic have announced a new, mirrorless format / lens mount."

With hindsight we can see that Panasonic and Olympus were heralding the start of the mirrorless era.