FocusTwist allows you to pick your focal plane by tapping your image after you've taken it.
The images are not 100% identical because I could not hold my phone steady enough.

A newly released app in the iOS App Store will give you the experience of a Lytro camera for a much smaller price tag. FocusTwist takes a series of images with different focal planes and allows you, and your viewers, to choose a focus point after you've taken the photo.

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In a quick hands-on with FocusTwist, I found it super easy to use. To start out, you just tap the part of your scene that you want to be your foreground. FocusTwist then takes a bunch of photos over a few seconds while you stay as still as humanly possible. It then takes you to a focusing screen where you pick what your final image will look like.

FocusTwist only shoots in square format. When you share your image via FocusTwist's built-in social sharing that's synced with Twitter, the viewer can tap to refocus again. My first FocusTwist image was a little shaky, but the effect worked overall. The app recommends using subjects that are a few inches from your phone for more dramatic results -- a tripod would also be useful.

Check out (and refocus) my FocusTwist photo here.

FocusTwist is available in the iOS App Store for $1.99.