Olympus today announced a range of new flash accessories for the Olympus E System (currently the only camera being the E-1). This range is driven primarily by two flash units, the FS-RF11 ring flash and the TF-22 twin flash. Both of these units can be attached to the 14-54 mm lens and 50-200 mm lens via their bayonet filter mounts, for attachment to the 50 mm Macro lens the additional FS-FR1 flash adapter ring is required. The FS-FC1 macro flash controller attaches to the hot shoe of the E-1 and is then used to control the FS-RF11 or TF-22.

Press Release:

More illumination versatility for the Olympus E-System

Ring Flash Unit FS-RF11 Twin Flash Unit TF-22

The comprehensive Olympus Macro Flash System

Hamburg, 11 December 2003 – With its professional macro flash system, Olympus opens up further creative and business areas to users of the Olympus E-System. Meeting the highest requirements for quality and flexibility, it comprises a ring flash unit, twin flash unit, adapter rings and flash controller. Ideal for advertising and still life photography plus macro work where precise, shadow-free lighting is required, these flash accessories allow every detail of the subject to be captured. Dedicated to the Olympus E-System, the professional digital SLR system based on the TIPA Award winning FourThirds Standard, this macro flash system will be available from February 2004.

A variety of macro flash units and accessories are being launched:

  • Ring Flash Unit FS-RF11
  • Ring Flash Set FS-SRF11
  • Twin Flash Unit TF-22
  • Twin Flash Set STF-22
  • Flash Adapter Ring FS-FR1
  • Macro Flash Controller FS-FC1

Ring Flash Unit FS-RF11

This ring flash head offers shadowless, homogeneous illumination for macro photography, such as capturing jewellery, documentation in dentistry and other recording work. The Ring Flash Unit FS-RF11 may be attached to the ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mm and 50-200mm lenses using their bayonet mounts or to the ZUIKO DIGITAL 50mm macro lens with the Flash Adapter Ring FS-FR1. TTL auto flash macro shooting is easily conducted with the Macro Flash Controller FS-FC1.

Ring Flash Set FS-SRF11

Comprising the Ring Flash Unit FS-RF11 and Macro Flash Controller FS-FC1, this set also comes with an attractive, high-quality case to carry and protect all the parts.

Twin Flash Unit TF-22

This flash unit combines two separate flash heads which can be positioned in any desired direction or angle with the bundled Shoe Ring SR-1. In addition, the flash heads may be fired simultaneously or singly. It is also possible to adjust the balance of flash output between the heads up to a ratio of 8:1 for either head. With 19 adjustment levels between these points, this affords a great deal of control while still maintaining perfect overall exposure. The result is enormous versatility in lighting effects, such as achieving an even illumination for copying documents or purposely creating shadow effects. TTL auto macro shooting may be carried out with the Macro Flash Controller FS-FC1. The unit can be attached to the ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-54mm and 50-200mm lenses using the bayonet for the lens hood or connected to the ZUIKO DIGITAL 50mm macro lens with the Flash Adapter Ring FS-FR1.

Twin Flash Set STF-22

This set combines the Twin Flash Unit TF-22 with the Macro Flash Controller FS-FC1. A sturdy case which offers ample room for the entire set is included.

Macro Flash Controller FS-FC1

The Macro Flash Controller simply attaches to the hot shoe of the Olympus E-1, to control the ring flash RF11 and twin flash TF22. It can also be used together with the Flash High Voltage Set FS-SHV-1.

Flash Adapter Ring FS-FR1

This ring attaches to the front of the lens to enable the connection of the ring flash RF11 and twin flash TF22 to the ZUIKO DIGITAL 50mm macro lens.

Further information

The Olympus E-System is the world’s first digital SLR system to be based on the FourThirds Standard jointly developed by Olympus and Kodak. The professional system has been designed exclusively for digital photography. It currently comprises the Olympus E-1 SLR body plus a range of interchangeable lenses and other accessories. For more details, visit www.olympus-pro.com.