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This month at the 2015 Flash Memory Summit, Samsung introduced a 2.5" solid state drive with the highest capacity ever: 16TB. The new drive is model PM1633a, and has a total usable storage space of 15.36TB, exceeding all other similar high-capacity SSDs, and easily providing enough space to hold a lifetime of photos for a casual photographer. The drive is currently targeted at enterprise customers; it is unclear when it will be available for general consumers.

The announcement comes courtesy, which received some details from Samsung during the show. The drive utilizes Samsung's new 32GB (256Gbit) NAND flash memory technology; this offers double the capacity of the 128Gbit NAND technology that became common last year.

As part of its effort to attract enterprise customers, Samsung demonstrated 48 of the drives packed into a single server for a total capacity of 768TB. Samsung did not reveal pricing or availability details during the summit.