Thanks to Rob Galbraith for the tip-off on this interesting news, according to Japanese website Nikkei Electronics Online the 12.4 megapixel CMOS sensor used in the Nikon D2X is made by Sony. While not a huge surprise (as Sony were the manufacturer of the CCD sensors used in previous Nikon digital SLR's) it does show that Sony are now capable of producing professional quality CMOS sensors for digital SLR's. It's unclear however if this is an exclusive agreement between Sony and Nikon or if this sensor could make its way into other manufacturesr cameras (like the D100's CCD did). We are assuming of course that it was a Nikon (or collaborative) design.

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Click here for the Nikkei Electronics Online article
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Phil: Thanks to Rob Galbraith (and originally Simon Dai) for bringing this news to our attention.