Thanks to reader Andy Williams for pointing me at this story. According to the Korean website "ComTimes" Samsung have introduced a 1GB flash memory chip.

Here's the exact story:

Samsung announces that they develop a 1GB flash memory for the first time.

It is four times larger than 256MB flash memory developed by Toshiba on March.

The company has adopted 0.15 micron processing mechanism and CPM(Chemical Polishing Mechanism ?). It works at 2.5 Volt. So, It's suitable for portable product.

The company expect that their incoming from flashmemory going to be 200 million in this year and 800 million in 2002.

Flash memory demand is under increasing for MP3P, digital camera.

Total market amount is 400 million this year and 2200 million in 2002. It will be about 70% increasing rate.

Now Samsung takes 40% market share. All major semi-conductor manufaturer are fight for leading in market share.