Lytro has released a firmware update that enables the Wi-Fi chips inside its 8GB and 16GB light field cameras. The San Fransisco-based company has also announced a new iOS companion app called Lytro Mobile, which allows you to browse images from the camera on an iOS smartphone or iPod Touch. Replicating some of the functionality of Lytro's existing desktop app, the mobile app allows you to refocus and change the perspective of your images and share the 'living pictures' via social media. The Lytro Mobile app also allows you to create an animated GIFs, which can be shared easily via email or SMS. 

The Lytro Light Field Camera comes in 8GB and 16GB capacities and features a 35-280mm equivalent, constant F2 lens. It's 11 megaray sensor captures photos that can be refocused after shooting.

Interestingly, Lytro's light field cameras have included the hardware required for Wi-Fi communication since their launch, but support was not enabled in the cameras' original firmware. We reviewed the light field camera (pre firmware update) last year and you can read that review here.

via Engadget