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Epson's Image Authentication System Provides Users With Image Validation Technology for Applications in Law Enforcement, Insurance and Quality Assurance Inspections

Epson, the creator of high quality, award-winning imaging products, today unveiled its revolutionary Image Authentication System(TM)(IAS) to support the popular PhotoPC 750Z and PhotoPC 700 color megapixel digital cameras. Operating in a standard JPEG file format, the IAS uses a digital fingerprint, applied when a picture is taken, to verify the integrity of a picture. If even one pixel of an image is altered, the IAS will detect it and alert the user.

There are two software components to the Image Authentication System. One part is loaded into the camera while the other is installed into the computer.

Operation is completely automatic. Images captured by the PhotoPC 750Z or PhotoPC 700 with IAS software loaded are instantly sealed with an invisible digital fingerprint. Because this fingerprint is embedded in the image file, the image can then be verified as "untampered" by any PC with the Image Authentication System installed. This system is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT. Unlike other tamper-detection systems, there's no additional, proprietary viewing software or hardware needed. Digital images captured by the camera are saved in the popular JPEG file format so they can be used with virtually any digital imaging application. Moreover, because the IAS does not alter the original JPEG file format, it has no affect on a user's ability to store and display pictures, or to use them in other applications. The visible image quality is completely unaffected. The Image Authentication System is virtually foolproof for ensuring an image's integrity, specifically when verifying legally binding documentation. Based upon the use of a 1000 MHz CPU utilizing algorithms employed within IAS's patent-pending technology, forging an undectectable photo would take approximately 330 years to complete.

Pricing and Availability

The IAS is now available for an estimated street price of $99 through Epson resellers and national distributors. The IAS is supported by the EPSON Connection, a fully automated customer support and technical assistance line. For more information on Epson and its products, call 800/GO-EPSON (800/463-7766) or visit the company's website at