A quick update on a change we've made to user reviews, which have been moved into the forum system. You can now create, post, view and comment on user reviews directly from the forums, and you can include formatting, images, captions and more detailed scoring. We've also made a small change to how we deal with banned accounts (see bottom of the page).

You can create a user review directly in the forums by clicking the 'Write a review' button You can still write a review from a product page too, and see reviews from others.

Creating a user review is very much like creating a forum post. You'll need to start by identifying the product you're writing a user review for (this is filled in automatically if you're coming from the product page).

Start by picking a product name

If you try to create a user review in the wrong forum (i.e. a Canon camera in a Nikon forum) your review will be be moved to the correct forum when you post it. As well as writing your review you can add pictures, and there's a place to score the camera overall, as well as for how well it does in specific shooting situations. 

Write your user review, add pictures.... ... and 'score' the product according to what you think its strengths are.

Once you've posted your review it will appear in the forum index, and other people can respond as if it were a normal forum post.


We'll be updating the rules page very soon, but for now here's some simple guidelines for creating user reviews:

  • All the current forum rules apply
  • User reviews of products that are not yet available in the marketplace are likely to be deleted
  • Please keep comments and feedback on other people's user reviews positive and fact-based
  • If you find a user review useful, like it!

Other news

We've made a small change to the way we treat banned accounts. From today if you are permanently or temporarily banned from posting you will only be banned from posting. You will still be able to log in, to read (but not send) PMs, and to access your galleries (you can't upload new stuff, but you can delete your existing images).