Gitzo has introduced new Center Ball Heads, a lineup composed of three different-sized models aimed at professionals and advanced amateur photographers. The new lineup is composed of the GH1382TQD, the GH1382QD, and the GH3382QD, all of which use a tungsten disulfide coating for smooth movements and, in the case of the 'QD' models, a friction control knob.

Other features include slim designs, matte grey plated steel top casings, support for most Arca-Swiss styled plates, independent pan lock, and hardened metal components both around and under the ball. The highest-end of the three models, the GH3382QD, is ideal for Gitzo's Series 2 and 3 Mountaineer tripods, according to the company.

The 'Traveler' GH1382TQD model is available now for £264.95/$319.99 and the GH1382QD model is available now for £299.95/$369.99. The GH3382QD model is priced at £379.95, and will be launching in mid-November; US pricing and availability for this model isn’t available now.

Press release: 

Gitzo Introduces New Center Ball Heads


Gitzo, pioneer in developing some of the most advanced and revolutionary technologies for camera accessories and supports, is proud to introduce a completely new range of Center Ball Heads, representing the state-of-the-art in the heads’ field and focusing on ultimate smoothness and precision.

The Center Ball Heads are dedicated to pros and advanced amateur photographers and are engineered and developed to be the ideal complements to Gitzo’s top of the range tripods. The new heads are available in three sizes ideal for Gitzo’s Traveler and Mountaineer tripods.


The new Center Ball Heads are coated with tungsten disulphide - one of the smoothest materials around. With an extremely efficient locking mechanism and the use of hard metal components under and around the ball, this mechanism provides comfortable friction onto the ball meaning it can be locked with minimal effort while avoiding unwanted deforming or drifting.


All three models feature an independent pan lock, making it possible to take panoramic photos or make horizontal adjustments for perfect framing. Friction control is also available in the GH1382QD and GH3382QD. Located in the ball lock knob it functions independently allowing the ball lock to have a quick locking without sacrificing movement and safety.


The plate is locked with a screw-knob, which makes the system compact, light, and intuitive, while being flexible to accept most Arca-Swiss style plates.


The new Center Ball Heads have slim, curved forms and are aesthetically outstanding with a triangular accent, and matte grey plated steel top casings. Dimensions and colourings are designed to match perfectly with Gitzo’s Traveler and Mountaineer Tripods.