Someone just emailed me a link to a preliminary Nikon Coolpix 990 firmware 1.1 update. I feel it's my responsibility to warn you against trying to download / install this firmware even if you're told the link, Nikon have not yet officially announced it and it may still be open to update. It's obvious looking at the readme file that they haven't finished writing it. Patience. In the mean time we'll let you read what will be in this update. Nikon will make this update publicly available on 18th September.

Coolpix 990 Firmware 1.1 Improvements / Bug Fixes

Improved autofocus Improvements have been made to focusing when auto AF-area selection is in effect.  Improvements have also been made when focusing in a selected focus area with manual focus-area selection.
Addition of a function allowing additional photographs to be taken as memory becomes available in continuous mode. After a series of photographs has been shot in continuous sequence, the next photograph can be taken as soon as memory for a single photograph becomes available in the buffer.
Support for the remote release cable The MC-EU1 remote cord (available separately) can be used not only to release the shutter but also to perform such operations as zoom and interval photography.
Improvements to Best Shot Selection (BSS) With BSS on, you can now take up to ten shots of any image quality and size.  (Only the shot with the highest level of detail is recorded to the memory card.  BSS is not available at an image-quality setting of HI.)
Improvements to the review function A reduction has been made in the amount of time photographs are displayed after shooting, making it possible to set up the next photograph immediately.
Improved playback speed Improvements have been made to allow rapid display of uncompressed photographs taken at an image-quality setting of HI.
Improved white balance The performance of the white balance function has been further improved.
Changes to menus Corrections have been made to some of the English, French, and German menus.

Update procedure

Still a little sketchy, but updaters will be available for Mac OS (USB - 8.6 or later) & Windows (there's a note that Windows ME is NOT supported) over USB or Serial connections. Nikon View 3.x must be installed beforehand. Recommended to use the Nikon AC adapter or freshly charged AA batteries to power the camera during update.

How to check your firmware version

Hold down the MENU button while switching the camera on.