Many modern digital cameras can be remote controlled via dedicated apps on your smartphone and a Wi-Fi link. Unfortunately this option is not available on older or lower spec models that come without a built-in Wi-Fi module. However, as so often help is at hand via accessory makers and a range of third-party Wi-Fi controllers with varying feature sets, such as Camera Mator or Triggertrap, are available. 

CASE Remote now offers a new option. The first version of the device, simply called CASE, started out as a successful Indiegogo campaign, and the upgraded version, CASE Remote is currently being readied for the market launch and again available for pre-order on Indiegogo.  The device is compatible with a large number of Nikon and Canon models and slots into the camera hotshoe.

Feature set and UI are not too dissimilar from other products that are already out there. Once camera and smartphone are connected you can see the camera's live view image on the screen of the latter. You can manually adjust focus and modify most basic shooting parameters, such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO and white balance. The smartphone interface also allows for some degree of customization.

Once an image has been captured a thumbnail appears in the app and you get the option to download the image to your mobile device at which point GPS data will be embedded into the image's EXIF data.

Advanced features include modes for focus stacking, HDR and timelapse shooting, all of which offer a number of parameters to play with. CASE Remote can currently be pre-ordered for US$79 on the project's Indiegogo page where you can also find more information on compatibility and features. Shipping is projected for the end of August.

Source: Indiegogo