We're at the CP+ show in Yokohama Japan, where Sigma is showing its brand new 24mm f1.4 full-frame prime lens. The latest in the company's 'Art' series of fast primes, we have high hopes for the new lens based on our extremely positive impressions of the 35mm and 50mm lenses which have come before it. Sigma very kindly let us shoot some sample images on a late pre-production lens and it does indeed look very, very nice. Note that all images were shot on a 36MP Sony A7R using a Metabones Smart Adapter III adapter, so it must be stressed that these samples may not mirror performance on a native body. Regardless, it is quite impressive, possibly besting any 24mm f/1.4 prime we've used in the past. Indeed, Sigma claims the 24mm Art should be the best performing lens of its type, and from our initial impressions, we're inclined to agree.  

Notes on this Gallery

We shot these images with an eye at demonstrating the following:

  • Sharpness at F1.4 across the frame
  • Sharpness across the entire aperture range
  • Bokeh 'wide open'
  • Control of chromatic aberrations (CA)
  • The lens' ability to create 'sun-stars' because that's just Rishi's thing.

Our initial impressions are very positive, especially with regards to sharpness wide open, as well as sharpness across the frame. Sharpness is maintained through a large portion of the frame at wide apertures, and only falls off at extreme edges/corners at the upper half of the image. At this time, we cannot identify whether this is due to the adapter used to mount the Canon version of the 24mm Art on a Sony A7R.

Furthermore, we should note that corner performance of fast, wide primes is often quite poor wide open. Photozone.de measured 40% to 60% drops in corner resolution of Nikon and Canon 24mm F1.4 primes, respectively, relative to center. Significant axial CA is also an issue with these fast primes. Armed with this perspective, we are duly impressed by the Sigma's performance.