This is the latest word from the NikonTech USA website:

Some new information was supplied 7/15/99

There will be a delay between the release of the Japanese Language Updater and the availability of the English Language Updater. We expect to be able to supply the English Language Version before July 30.

The Updater will operate over the Coolpix 950 serial port connection.

No other information, including the list of corrected problems is available at this time, but an indication of minor improvements in function have been supplied.

Nikon's US support offices wishes to thanks all Coolpix 950 users for their patience while this update is being finalized for distribution.

NOTE: I don't recommend ANYONE attempts to install the Japanese firmware on their Coolpix 950 simply because it's released first and I think now would be a good time to say please follow what NikonTech USA recommend