Canon Japan has just posted a firmware update for EOS-D30 digital SLR's with a serial number between xxx200001 and xxx799999. This firmware (v1.0.2.0) will already be loaded on EOS-D30's with a serial number greater than xxx800000 (at the factory). This update solves a problem which occurs occasionally when rotating or tagging (protect / print) an image on the LCD the playback image may be replaced by a '?' (question mark). I'll be honest and say I've never seen this problem myself. There are no other fixes listed in this update.

This from the Canon Japan BeBit page:

What's new?

The EOS D30 Firmware Version solves an LCD monitor display problem that occasionally occurs when an extremely detailed subject is photographed and one or more of the following camera operationsare executed:

1. Rotating the image on the LCD monitor
2. Using the Image Protect function
3. Tagging the image with DPOF instructions.

Under these conditions, a “?” symbol may appear in the LCD monitor instead of the normal image display.

In all cases, the actual image data is undamaged and remains completely usable when downloaded to a compatible personal computer.

Firmware Version has already been installed by the factory in EOS D30 cameras starting with serial number xxx800000. Most EOS D30 cameras with a serial number prior to xxx800000 have not beenupdated. A small paper sheet confirming the update will be inserted in the display box to identify modified cameras.

How do I update the EOS D30's firmware?

Two methods of firmware updating are provided.

  1. Download a firmware file from this web site and conduct the updating as shown in the updating procedure.
  2. Bring in the camera to a Canon Service Center and have the firmware updated by the center

If you choose the latter method, contact a Canon Service Center listed on the back of the Camera User's Guide enclosed with the camera.

Click here to visit the Canon EOS-D30 firmware update page

Click here to download the update procedure (PDF)