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The X100 series is one of Fujifilm's most popular and important product lines. Over the course of almost ten years, the company has built the X100 series into an iconic line of cameras, which established Fujifilm as a serious brand with enthusiasts, and continue to be best-sellers.

Ever since its introduction, some photographers have been asking Fujifilm to develop a full-frame version of the X100. And on the face of it, that's an appealing thought. Who doesn't like the idea of greater depth of field control and a boost in potential image quality? But we strongly suspect that Fujifilm will never do it. Read on for the five main reasons why not, and why we doubt that a full-frame version is on the cards, either.

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  • I would love a full-frame X100!36.1%
  • I'm happy with my APS-C X100, don't change a thing.41.0%
  • Don't stop at full-frame, I want medium format!22.9%
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