In conclusion
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In conclusion

For all of the appeal to Fujifilm of burnishing the company's credentials in the medium format marketplace, an MF X100-type camera still seems very unlikely, for all of the same reasons why a full-frame X100 is probably a non-starter.

The difference in image quality between full-frame and what Fujifilm calls medium format is relatively modest. In fact, in our testing we found that the 50MP sensors used in the GFX 50S and 50R don't offer significantly better performance than the best current full-frame sensors. The more advanced 100MP sensor in the GFX 100 is a slightly different matter, but its cost (larger sensors are significantly harder to produce, and their 'yield' is much smaller) probably makes it impractical for use in such a different type of camera.

Meanwhile, remember how a full-frame X100 would have to be bigger and heavier? Well that's even more true with a hypothetical medium format version.

The GFX 50R provides a convenient point of comparison here. It's not huge, compared to (say) the GFX100, but it's definitely not a camera you can slip into your pocket. Imagine a fixed version of the compact 50mm f3.5 on the front, and it might be possible to shave off a few mm here and there. But either way, you're likely still looking at a very expensive product, which probably won't deliver much better image quality than a current full-frame model from Nikon or Sony.

Of course, that doesn't mean we don't still want one.

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