But what about medium format?
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But what about medium format?

Fujifilm has a long track record of making fixed-lens medium format cameras, from the days of film. Could it repeat the trick with digital?

Fujifilm has said repeatedly that it has no interest in full-frame. Instead, it has developed a medium format lineup, offering far superior image quality potential and differentiated from both its own APS-C line, and the growing crop of full-frame mirrorless cameras now on the market.

The sensor in Fujifilm's flagship $10,000 GFX 100 can be thought of essentially as four X-T3 sensors, in a single piece of silicon. With four times the surface area, and current-generation chip design, the GFX 100's sensor is capable of astonishing resolution and dynamic range, putting it in a different league to even the best APS-C cameras.

So might Fujifilm build a medium-format X100? There's an argument to be made that it makes sense in a way that full-frame just doesn't. Medium format would offer an increase in potential image quality over full-frame (albeit relatively modest - about 2/3EV), a significant leap in image quality over APS-C, it's a major part of Fujifilm's brand identity, and the larger format is a key differentiator for Fujifilm compared to competitive manufacturers.

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