Summing up – arguments against
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Summing up – arguments against

Every one of Fujifilm's medium format cameras so far has used the same NP-T125 battery. It's physically big, because it has to be. That means the cameras have to large enough to accommodate this kind of battery.

To sum up, it's highly unlikely that Fujifilm will develop a full-frame X100 series camera for the following reasons:

  1. A larger sensor would add size and weight, mitigating a major X100 selling point
  2. Such a product would cost a lot to develop and manufacture
  3. The result would be a very expensive camera – reducing its potential audience
  4. A move to full-frame would annoy and worry existing loyal Fujifilm APS-C customers
  5. The risk of cannibalization within existing lineups is too great

At a technical level, the imaging potential of full-frame is undeniably greater than APS-C, and only slightly less than medium-format. But the additional development cost, and the size and weight penalty involved in making full-frame work in a compact X100-type form factor, would be considerable. It's lovely to imagine a full-frame X100 with a 35mm F1.4 lens, but less lovely to picture how much larger, heavier, and costlier that camera would have to be, compared to an X100V.

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