Loss of brand identity, and customer trust
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Loss of brand identity, and customer trust

For customers who have made large investments in Fujifilm's APS-C products, the announcement of a full-frame camera may look like a vote of no confidence in the smaller format.

Customers really like it when companies play to their strengths, talk frankly to them, and don't try to fix something that isn't broken. Fujifilm has said so often – and for so long – that it has no interest in developing full-frame cameras, that such an abrupt change of direction would risk damaging the brand in the eyes of some of its most loyal customers.

In short, Fujifilm is not a full-frame brand. It's arguably the only company (R.I.P. Samsung) that has really made a full-throated case for the benefits of APS-C over full-frame, and has spent the past decade doubling-down on that approach, creating the most convincing dedicated APS-C lens lineup on the market.

If Fujifilm introduced a full-frame version of the X100 concept, there's no doubt that the company would attract a certain number of new customers. But several other, much less positive things would happen: For starters, a lot of loyal X100 series fans would feel betrayed, and worried that such a move might spell the end for a range of cameras they've come to love.

Photographers with an investment in the APS-C interchangeable lens X-series would also get spooked. To a Fujifilm shooter who has spent thousands of dollars on XF lenses, the announcement of a full-frame camera – any full-frame camera– could look like a massive vote of no confidence in APS-C.

Finally it's not hard to imagine the feelings of someone who has just dropped thousands on one of Fujifilm's medium-format GFX cameras, if the company suddenly announced it was developing a compact full-frame camera. Which leads us on to...

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