Literal cost to consumer
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Literal cost to consumer

The Leica Q2 is a good example of a fantastic camera, with a built-in finder and a great lens, that makes the most out of its high-resolution full-frame sensor. But it's priced beyond the reach of most of us.

You guessed right: it means that a hypothetical full-frame X100 would cost you more. One of the major reasons for the success of the X100 line over the past decade has been the cost of the cameras, at a sweet spot of around $1,200 at point of launch, usually dropping a little over their lifetime. Obviously, $1,200 is still a considerable chunk of change, but compared to the likes of the Sony RX1R II or the Leica Q2, it's a relative bargain.

Imagine if Fujfilm had to double the cost of the X100 in a full-frame version. Would you buy one? Even if you're one of those people who would answer "yes", it's only logical that you'd be counting yourself among a minority, compared to the potential audience for the traditional APS-C bodies.

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