For a few years now InVisage has been working on a new kind of smartphone image sensor that claims to offer higher dynamic range and zero rolling shutter than the chips currently found in mobile devices. It appears the technology is now at a stage where its benefits can be demonstrated, and for this purpose InVisage has commissioned a short movie called Prix. The short has been shot entirely on a prototype device using InVisage's QuantumFilm technology, which consists of a photosensitive nano-coating that works in a different way from the usual silicon. According to its inventors, it has a 'higher photosensitivity and electron sensitivity per pixel'. This means it has tonal characteristics that are closer to film than a digital sensor and reacts fast enough to allow for the use of a global rather than rolling shutter. 

The movie below was shot in challenging conditions, with many bright, high-contrast scenes and fast moving objects. The footage looks surprisingly good for a smartphone camera but at this point it's difficult to tell how much of that is down to sensor technology and how much to professional level editing.

InVisage puts the slight softness of the footage down to the hardware's prototype status but it's fair to say that the technology appears to have the potential to improve current smartphone video technology. We are looking forward to more news from InVisage and would be interested to see how the more established sensor makers react to the introduction of this new technology.

Source: InVisage | Via: Engadget