Adobe's latest versions of Camera Raw and Lightroom contained a pleasant surprise for Olympus owners - color profiles for image conversion. We've re-processed one of the images from our Olympus OM-D E-M1 sample gallery to see how closely the profiles match the camera's 'Natural' setting.

Up until now, profiles have mainly been available for Canon and Nikon cameras, with Sony, Pentax and Leica represented more recently. Product Manager Sharad Mangalick explains: 'adding the color profile support for Olympus has been a long standing customer request.'

ACR doesn't let you explicitly select lens profiles for any Olympus lenses, but those lenses that have corrections as part of their designs are corrected automatically. Images shot with the OM-D E-M1 (which writes chromatic aberration correction parameters into its Raw files) also have lateral chromatic aberrations corrected.

Comparison 'Natural' JPEG vs. Adobe 'Camera Natural' profile:

Out-of-camera 'Natural' JPEG ACR conversion with 'Camera Natural' profile
100% Crop 100% Crop

As you can see, the new profile isn't an exact match, but it's considerably closer than the existing Adobe Default profile.