Archos has today announced the AVCam 300, a digital still camera and camcorder attachment for their AV300 series portable audio and video players. The AVCam has a 3.3 megapixel CCD, plus a 3x Ricoh optical zoom. The AVCam can store up to 40,000 3.3-megapixel photos and record up to 80 hours of MPEG-4 video when used with the AV380. The AVCam is available on November 27th for $199.95.

Archos Introduces Camera Module for the Popular AV300 Series Portable Video Player

The AVCam 300 Transforms the AV320, AV340 and AV380 into a Digital Camera and MPEG-4 Camcorder

Archos(R), Inc., a global provider of innovative handheld entertainment and storage solutions, introduced today the AVCam 300, the world's first camera and camcorder attachment for a portable audio and video player. The AVCam brings together for the first time a 3.3-megapixel camera, MPEG-4 camcorder and player, MP3 recorder and player and massive hard disk. The AV300 series and AVCam are available today at

The new AVCam was designed specifically for use with the AV300 series, the industry's first personal and portable video player. The AVCam attaches easily to any of the AV300 devices, allowing consumers to capture their own media and take it with them wherever they go. Additionally, with a 3.3-megapixel CCD, 10x digital zoom and advanced imaging technology, the AVCam creates vivid pictures and video. The AVCam can store up to 40,000 3.3-megapixel photos and record up to 80 hours of MPEG-4 video.

"Archos was the first to converge high quality audio and video capabilities in one portable device, and is taking this market to a new level," said Hyder Rabbani, Archos president and chief operating officer. "With the addition of the AVCam, the AV300 series brings multimedia capture and creation to a device that is a true portable entertainment experience."

Video, Pictures and Camcorder Capabilities in One Device

The AVCam attaches seamlessly to the AV320, AV340 and AV380 devices (20-, 40- and 80-gigabytes, respectively). The AVCam brings the following benefits:

  • Digital Still Camera and Camcorder -- Unique combination of MPEG-4 camcorder and digital still camera in one device
  • Excellent Video and Photo Quality -- 3.3-megapixel CCD, matched optical system and advanced imaging technology for high resolution and vivid pictures and video
  • Zoom Options -- Includes 10x digital and 3x optical zoom Ricoh lenses
  • Massive Storage Capabilities -- Stores up to 40,000 3.3-megapixel photos and up to 80 hours of MPEG-4 video
  • Instantly View Photos and Video -- View photos and video on the 3.8-inch color LCD screen or on a larger screen by connecting the AV300 to a TV or monitor
  • Ultra-Fast Transfer Rate -- Quickly transfer video and photos to and from the home or office computer via USB 2.0

The AV300 series is the industry's first personal, portable video player that can record and play back movies with stereo MP3 audio, while also operating as a powerful MP3 recorder and player, personal photo player and storage device. In addition, with 20-, 40- and 80-gigabyte hard drives, the AV300 series works as a powerful portable storage device for transferring and storing thousands of documents and files. Pricing for the AV300 series is as follows: AV320: $549.95, AV340: $699.95, AV380: $899.95.

Pricing and Product Specifications

The AVCam is priced at $199.95, and is available now for purchase at The package includes the AVCam, custom carrying pouch and six-language installation sheet. Technical specifications for the AVCam 300 are as follows:

  • MPEG4 Camcorder -- MPEG4 SP, QVGA (320x240), 20 f/s NTSC, 25 f/s PAL, AVI file format, can be read by DivX(TM) and XviD viewers
  • Digital Still Camera -- 3.3-megapixel JPEG
  • Adjustable Resolutions -- 2048x1536, 1600x1280, 1280x960, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, 320x240
  • Program Modes -- Automatic exposure & white balance, daylight, overcast, tungsten and fluorescent. View MP4 videos and JPEG photos instantly on built-in-color LCD or TV
  • Dimensions -- 165x90x48mm (6.5"x3.5"x1.9") with AV320, 55x90x48mm (2.1"x3.5"x1.9") without
  • Weight -- 450g (16 oz) with VIDEO AV, 150g (5.3 oz) without

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