CNET caught this screen grab of the photo's Exif data before the image was removed.

Photos taken on the not-yet-announced Nokia Lumia 1020 have surfaced on image sharing site Flickr. The photos, taken by Microsoft Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore, were found by The Verge earlier today. Since being outed by both The Verge and CNET, Belfiore has taken down the Lumia 1020 photos, but not before the tech news sites snapped some screen shots.

Editor's note: Shortly after posting this story, it seems the photos were again available through Flickr. If this link still works, you'll find them here.

The much-rumored new Nokia device is expected to have a 41-megapixel sensor. Belfiore's Flickr images indicated a range of different file sizes, none of them adding up to more than 5 megapixels, which may be yet another indication that the anticipated new device is using the same imaging technology as seen in the Nokia 808 which harnessed a high megapixel count sensor in order to produce better quality lower-resolution images at 3MP, 5MP or 8MP.

Nokia is holding a press event on July 11th. We will be in New York City for the announcement, bringing you the details on Nokia's latest smartphone as they emerge.