Delkin Devices introduces the first CompactFlash� type II cards on the market. New thicker card will be standard in next generation digital cameras, PDA's and Audio MP3 players. Advantages to consumers include higher capacity in small form factor.

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Delkin Devices today announced first shipments of their new CompactFlash� type II (CF/2) cards in four capacities up to 80MB. Designs are testing currently up to 224MB, to begin shipping in Q4 1999.The new CF/2 standard was adopted by the CompactFlash Association in March 1998, and is actually 5mm thick, compared to the thickness of standard CompactFlash� cards, which are 3.3mm thick. The card maintains all the same advantages that regular CompactFlash� cards contain; speed, compatibility and small size, but allows other applications in addition to memory to be placed inside the slightly larger form factor. Delkin currently makes CF/2 flash memory, but the new CF/2 supports disk drives (like the IBM Microdrive), modems, network and LAN cards, and many other applications.

The CF/2 standard is a well thought out design, as standard CompactFlash� cards will plug into the taller CF/2 slots, making any application supporting CF/2 "backward compatible" with previous cards. Consumers will be able to use both CompactFlash� type II and CompactFlash� cards in the CF/2 slots.

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The new Delkin CF/2 cards use a revolutionary "folding circuit design" that employs a rigid-flex circuit, that actually maintains continuity when the PCB board is folded almost in half. The innovative design allows chips to be attached to both sides of the card increasing capacity without requiring special connectors or cables. All Delkin PCB boards carry the Made in USA and American Flag logos to signify our commitment to American manufacturing. The PCB board is extremely thin and utilizes latest technology design techniques, is 4 layers thick and is electrically tested on a bed of nails "clamshell tester" prior to being approved for assembly. The PCB board is made in San Diego.

Another Delkin first is the new CF/2 adapter. This adapter converts the CF/2 card into a PC Card ATA type II format that will plug into most laptops and desktops with a PC Card slot. The adapter actually contains an innovative shield that opens when the card is inserted into the adapter. This hood or shield protects the pins on the adapter from damage when no card is present. The adapter is the quickest and easiest way to get images or data from the CF/2 card, to the computer.

The first application tested with the new CF/2 80MB and 224MB cards in the Delkin labs was the hot, new Canon Pro 70� digital camera. This 1.73 megapixel digital camera is one of the first cameras on the market to have both a CompactFlash� slot and a CompactFlash� type II slot. The cards are designated as card 1 and 2, and the user can switch back and forth for maximum capacity.

The only digital cameras compatible with these type II devices are currently:

  • Nikon D1 Professional
  • Canon Pro70
  • Minolta RD-3000
  • Casio QV-2000UX