Phase One's Capture One RAW conversion software has reached version 4, and arrives sporting a new underlying architecture and interface - so a major upgrade by all accounts. The new interface places the point of focus on the the image - or indeed images as one may now open up to 12 simultaneously at full resolution. Multiple versions of a RAW file may also be created with 'virtually no disk and performance overhead'. The shortcut system has been upgraded too, making accessing frequently-used functions a breeze. Capture One 4 is available now as a free upgrade for existing users or $129 / €99 for first-time purchasers, more after the click.

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Press release:

Phase One Delivers Capture One 4 Next-Generation RAW Workflow Software

Transforming RAW Data to Uncompromising Image Quality

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Dec. 19, 2007 —
Phase One today announced the availability of Capture One 4, the next generation of the world’s first RAW workflow software. Built on a new architecture, the successor to Phase One’s entry-level Capture One LE offers photographers – pros and enthusiasts alike – a RAW workflow solution for superior image quality.

A newly designed user interface offers high fidelity color and detail reproduction, plus new timesaving workflow features. Capture One 4 supports medium-format digital backs and a wide range of DSLR cameras.

“Our recent survey of professional photographers shows that pros have fully adopted digital and RAW format, with 89 percent of total images now being captured digitally and over 50 percent of them in RAW format,” said Ed Lee, Director at InfoTrends.

“Capture One excels at RAW workflow,” said Jan H. Christiansen, marketing director for Phase One. “Today, it is no less an art to develop digital images than to process film in the darkroom. Ours is not an ‘end-to-end’ solution, but devoted to helping photographers achieve the highest quality from the images they have captured.”

About Capture One 4

Capture One 4 marries sophistication with a simple, intuitive ease. It invokes more consistent use of shortcuts, tools and naming. It is compatible with many other popular applications; for example, users can have a seamless workflow with Capture One to process RAW files and Adobe Photoshop to post process images.

  • New user interface offers maximum space for the images. Images, not sliders and controls, are the focus. A darker background permits easier image viewing and enhancements. As with previous generations of Capture One, a guided workflow is available to assist the photographer in the image enhancement process;
  • View and work with up to 12 images simultaneously at full resolution;
  • Multiple Variants of a single RAW image can be made with virtually no disk and performance overhead;
  • Manage and transfer license codes, so Capture One 4 can be used on one computer one day and on another computer the next.
  • Recover details in highlights and shadows with high dynamic range control;
  • Import and export images in DNG format, for more options to share and archive;
  • Powerful new shortcut architecture allows faster image import, adjustment and processing;

Pricing and availability

Existing Capture One customers can upgrade to Capture One 4 at no extra cost. Designed for Windows XP (SP2)/Vista and Mac OS X 10.4.11 and 10.5, Capture One 4 is available now via download at for 129 USD and 99 EUR through Phase One’s e-Shop.

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