Adobe has released the latest version of Photoshop: CC for 'Creative Cloud'. It's the first to be made available solely though the company's controversial subscription-only model, that requires users to pay an ongoing monthly charge of £17.58 / $19.99 for access to the software (as opposed to a one-off license fee). New features include a revised 'Smart Sharpen' function, a 'Camera Shake Reduction' filter, and the ability to apply Camera Raw edits as layers. The latest versions of other Creative Cloud apps such the video editor Premiere Pro are also now available to download.

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Note that despite its name, Photoshop CC is not really cloud-based software. It's downloaded and installed locally on your computer, and all your files can be saved locally too. What it does offer is cloud-based storage for your files, so you can access them on multiple devices while on the move. And while many users have genuine concerns over the subscription model - and crucially the fact that the software will stop working if you don't pay your monthly subscription- the relatively low monthly fee does make Photoshop rather more accessible to new users on a budget.