Mike Chaney, author of the image manipulation / RAW converison / print management application Qimage Pro has today announced his latest 'build'. Version four brings new printing options including 'Floating Text' - an ability to place text over prints or in blank areas and with shadows. Other features include a new gamma filter, support for Photoshop PSD format and the comparator lock. As always this latest build also fixes minor bugs found in earlier versions of Qimage Pro.

News release:

Qimage Pro 2001, v4.0 (11/14/01)

New Features

Floating text: With version 4.0, Qimage Pro becomes more than just a way to ensure the highest quality prints from your printer. Enter a new realm of multiple image printing creativity with Qimage Pro 2001 v4.0. The floating text option (accessed via the page editor) allows you to place text anywhere on your page, on top of existing prints or over blank areas, with or without a user defined shadow, with any amount of rotation, and using any font size or style! Each text label can even be linked to an existing print on the page to ensure that where your prints go, your text will go along for the ride, sticking to the print like glue! Use the text labels as headers, footers, or just to spice up your photos on the page to create your own album pages. For full details on the use of the new floating text features, please see the help under "Help", "Contents", "Listing of Major Functions", "Floating Text".

  • New gamma filter: A gamma filter has been added to the filters available via the batch filter function.
  • PSD image format: Full support for the PSD (PhotoShop) file format, including the ability to read the embedded ICC profile in PSD files!
  • Comparator lock: Ability to lock both windows together when viewing images side by side using the comparator.


Minor bug fixes and stability enhancements: v4.0 has numerous enhancements that will ensure greater compatibility in different environments and platforms, from a number of small bug fixes, to better print driver validation, to ensuring that multiple instances of Qimage Pro are not run at the same time.