Polarr has released Photo Editor 3, the third version of its lightweight photo editing software. The new version brings with it support for using a mouse and a touchscreen, as well as a new user interface, adjustment sliders, photo editing guides, and other features.

Polarr Photo Editor 3 offers 50 preset filters for making quick adjustments to an image. The presets are joined by a tilting and cropping tool, additional keyboard shortcuts, a dehaze feature, vignetting and 'denoise' improvements, and the option to export with watermarks. Workspaces can now be collapsed and expanded as desired.

Unlike most competing photo editing applications, Polarr's Photo Editor desktop app is only 5MB in size, while the Chrome app is only 3MB (and supports working offline). This is in comparison to the hundreds of megabytes, or multiple gigabytes, most photo editing software requires. 

The software is available for Windows, Chrome, and on the Web. The Windows app costs $14.99 via the Microsoft Store, while the other two versions are free to use. Polarr offers both in-app and online guides.