The U.S. government may soon require most drones to be registered, according to the Associated Press. Sources speaking on the matter state the FAA is working with unspecified industry and government officials to create a registration system. While the exact requirements aren't known, it is believed small and toy drones will not require registration.

The registration requirement would help officials track operators who do not follow the appropriate regulations. The FAA reportedly wants the registration requirement implemented before Christmas, as it is anticipated hundreds of thousands of drones will be sold. The FAA is less concerned with lightweight drones that can’t fly above a few hundred feet, as they're not as risky as heavier and more powerful drones.

The FAA has seen an increased number of reports from pilots who have encountered drones at unsafe distances near large aircraft. Unsafe drone operation has led to a number of other incidents, such as the drone crash at the U.S. Open last month.