I've just completed an update of our Sony DSC-F707 review with a full production camera. Good news is that the green cast on auto white balance is now gone, and that colours have been toned down (although red is still quite strong). Other good news - startup times are now sub three seconds. I've also posted a brand new samples gallery with 31 photos! As far as I know this is the first review of a production DSC-F707.

As well as fully verifying the review text I have also re-shot a lot of samples and updated test results etc. For those who read the review before this update here's a log of changes:

Section Item Action Notes
Introduction Review update Add Added this item
Body/Design All Verify Green dot on nightshot switch
Operation Top controls Update Updated text and image
Timings & Sizes Performance Verify Faster: power up, shot to shot
Features ISO Re-shoot  
Features Flash Re-shoot Identical result
Features Night Shot Re-shoot Better night shots, almost no 'black holes'
Image Quality Resolution Chart Re-shoot Identical result
Image Quality White Balance Re-shoot No more green cast on daylight AWB
Image Quality Clipped reds Verify Now with comparison to Canon G2, red is better
Compared to.. DiMAGE 7 Update Added 'pre-production' notice, moved to end
Compared to.. New page - G2 Shoot Added compared to Canon G2
Compared to.. 4-way comparison Update  
Conclusion All Update  
Samples New Gallery Replace Replaced gallery with production gallery

Click here for our update Sony DSC-F707 review
(full production camera)