Accessory maker Richard Franiec has announced a clip-on cable-release mount for the Samsung NX200. The NX200 has no infrared or USB cable release option, so Franiec has created an arm that extends from the hot shoe to the shutter button and adds a thread to screw in a traditional mechanical cable release. The mount, made from the engineering polymer Delrin, will cost $19.95.

Press Announcement

New Samsung NX200 Custom Mechanical Cable Release Adapter (CMCRA-NX200)

Addressing the discontent of NX200 users who would want to expand the control of shutter release beyond finger press or reliance on self timer, this adapter is designed to do just that.

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Precision machined from black Delrin, the adapter uses hot shoe as a stable anchor for perfectly positioned cable release point over the shutter button. Profile of the adapter does not interfere with on/off lever or any other vital camera controls.

Focus acquisition by half press shutter via cable release is very well controlled.

The adapter will become available by end of April 2012 for the price of $19.95.

Note: cable release is not included as this is a subject of user personal preference (length, brand, looks or any specific factors). All standard cables will fit the adapter, even old, collecting the dust ones.”