Pre-PMA 2003, 09:00 GMT 06:00 GMT: Fujifilm has today announced the new Finepix F700, the first Fujifilm digital camera to utilize the new high dynamic range SuperCCD SR sensor. The camera has a three times optical zoom lens and a three megapixel SuperCCD SR sensor (which produces a six megapixel output image). The F700 also supports VGA 30 fps movie capture, RAW output and comes with a PictureCradle docking station.

Phil: Apologies for the late posting of this article compared to some other sites but appears once more that we were given different embargo times than "the other sites", we were told 09:00 GMT, they posted at 05:00 GMT.

Additionally I'd say that Fujifilm US are playing with fire with their press release to the F700 "FinePix F700 offers 6.2 million effective pixels to capture images with quality approaching that of film".. Yes the sensor has 6.2 million photodetectors, but not 6.2 million effective pixels.

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Press Release (Fujifilm UK):

Fujifilm unveils High Fidelity Photography™ with the FinePix F700

Fujifilm announces the first digital camera to feature Fourth Generation Super CCD SR technology

Fujifilm today announced the eagerly anticipated FinePix F700, the first digital camera to incorporate Fujifilm's innovative Fourth Generation Super CCD SR technology. Set to be a hot topic amongst enthusiasts, this new sensor technology enables the user to capture highlight and shadow detail missed by conventional digital cameras, resulting in images of stunning quality. Fujifilm has dubbed this advance 'High Fidelity PhotographyTM ', a reference to the sensor's extraordinarily faithful rendition of detail.

The FinePix F700 offers serious resolution and photographic control at an affordable price, making it ideal for the enthusiast seeking high-end photographic capability on a realistic budget. Its powerful image capability is further enhanced by a brand new Super EBC Fujinon 3x zoom lens, reaching new optical standards whilst remaining compact in the camera's sleek metal body.

What are the brand new features?

  • Fujifilm Super CCD SR with 6.2 million effective photodiodes (3.1 million photodiode pairs), delivering 6.2 million recorded pixels
  • Newly-designed, ultra-sharp Super EBC Fujinon 3x zoom lens
  • Ultra-fast start-up (1.2 seconds)
  • Improved autofocus performance

Adrian Clarke, Director of Consumer Products, Fujifilm, said: "At the launch of Fourth Generation Super CCD SR, there was much speculation about which camera this exciting new technology would be applied to. We are quietly confident in saying that the FinePix F700 will match users' high expectations.

"As the first camera to feature this revolutionary technology, the FinePix F700 will bring high-end photographic capability to people with a less than heavyweight budget."

"Serious photographers will revel in the camera's ability to render photographs of magnificent tonal depth, while enthusiasts and more casual users will easily be able to spot the difference between the images produced by this model and photos from conventional digital cameras. Never before has such serious imaging capability been available in such a straightforward camera."

Super CCD SR sensor - High Fidelity Photography
Fujifilm's Super CCD SR provides a truer representation of the actual subject being photographed, revealing highlight detail and offering a four-fold increase in dynamic range. By using the innovative layout of paired photodiodes, the technology enables confident shooting in both bright and cloudy conditions, combats the bleached-out effect created by flash photography and increases exposure latitude - a great advantage in difficult lighting conditions.

Will Rolls, Marketing Manager, Digital Imaging, Fujifilm, said, "Those photographers who have always lamented digital cameras' inability to record pictures with real tonal depth will suddenly appreciate the edge that Super CCD SR will give their images."

The technology behind Super CCD SR
Where once a single photodiode* was responsible for capturing the full range of light strengths at a single location on the sensor, with Super CCD SR two photodiodes capture information on the same area of the image. These are arranged in a double-honeycomb structure comprising a larger, primary photodiode adjusted for high sensitivity, with a secondary photodiode for lower sensitivity. When combined, they offer four times the dynamic range of conventional photodiodes. This advance in technology might be compared to the evolution of the audio speaker: in an attempt to improve performance, the addition of a secondary high sensitivity cone, or 'tweeter', radically improved range and sound quality.

* Photodiode: a single, light-sensing element on a sensor.

Schematic of Super CCD SR sensor layout:

The FinePix F700 uses 6.2 million photodiodes, producing an ultra-smooth output image of 6.2 million recorded pixels.

Ultra-sharp Super EBC Fujinon 3x zoom lens
The FinePix F700 features a new ultra high resolution lens that will complement the quality of the Super CCD SR High Fidelity Photography™ sensor. A step ahead of conventional digital cameras, this model delivers improved picture sharpness with increased optical resolving power, as well as greatly improved autofocus performance for both static and moving images.

Further features of the FinePix F700:

  • High quality VGA motion capture at 30 frames per second with sound - matching camcorders for motion picture smoothness
  • RAW Mode - enabling unprocessed file saving
  • High sensitivity settings (up to ISO 800, ISO 1600), with lower noise
  • xD-Picture Card™ - high storage capacity at low power charge
  • USB PictureCradle™ included as standard, for image download and battery recharge
  • No nonsense, easy to use interface enabling various manual control settings
  • Stylish, compact design
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Pricing and availability
The FinePix F700 will be available from retailers in late Spring 2003, at a retail price that will be finalised closer to the retail launch.

Fujifilm FinePix F700 specifications

Sensor • 1/1.7" SuperCCD SR (4th generation SuperCCD) - 7.6 x 5.7 mm
• 3.14 million pixels total (6.2 million photodiodes)
Lens • 3x optical zoom
• 35 - 105 mm (equiv.)
• F2.8 - ??
Focus range • Normal: 60 cm (2 ft) - Infinity
• Macro: 9 - 80 cm (3.5 in - 2.6 ft)
Focus modes • Auto focus
• AF area focus
• AF center focus
• Manual focus
Image sizes • 2832 x 2128 (6.03 million)
• 2048 x 1536
• 1280 x 960
• 640 x 480
Image format • Still: JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
• Still: RAW
• Movie: AVI (Motion JPEG)
Digital zoom • 2.2x (1280 x 960)
• 1.8x (1600 x 1200)
• 1.4x (2048 x 1536)
Movie clips • 640 x 480, 30 fps, limited only by media space
• 320 x 240, 30 fps, limited only by media space
* all with audio
Voice memo 30 sec
Sensitivity • Auto (ISO 160 - 400)
• ISO 200
• ISO 400
• ISO 800 (only 1280 x 960)
• ISO 1600 (only 1280 x 960)
Shooting modes • Auto
• Scene (Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night Scene)
• Manual program (below)
Exposure modes • Programmed AE
• Aperture Priority AE
• Shutter Priority AE
• Manual
Drive mode • Top 5 (5 fps, up to 5 frames)
• Final 5 (5 fps, up to 5 frames - records last five frames)
• Long period (1.8 fps, up to 40 frames at 1280 x 960)
Color modes • B&W
• Chrome
• Standard
Metering • 64-zone metering
• Spot
• Average
Shutter speed 3 - 1/2000 sec
Apertures F2.8 - F8.0 in 0.3 EV steps
White balance • Auto
• Fine
• Shade
• Fluorescent (Daylight / Warm white / Cool white)
• Incandescent
• Custom
Flash • Built-in
• Flash modes: Auto, Red-eye reduction, Forced, Off, Slow Sync
• Range: 0.3 - 5.0 m (1.0 - 16.4 ft)
Self timer 2 or 10 secs
Viewfinder Optical
LCD monitor • 1.8" TFT LCD
• 134,000 pixels
Storage media xD-Picture Card (16 MB supplied)
Connectivity • USB 1.1
• A/V output
• PictureCradle connector
Power • Lithium-Ion NP-40 rechargeable battery
• AC adapter / charger (included)
Dimensions 108 x 54 x 28 mm (4.3 x 2.1 x 1.1 in)
Weight (no batt) 170 g (6.0 oz)

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