San Francisco-based Peak Design will release a couple of hassle-free camera straps, the Slide and Clutch, in October following a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter. The Slide is a quick-connecting shoulder strap for cameras of any size, while the Clutch is a smaller hand strap designed for use regardless of whether the camera has a battery grip.

The Slide camera strap, shown above in three different configurations.

The Slide can be used as a sling strap, shoulder strap, or neck strap, and is compatible with ARCA-type tripod heads, allowing a tripod to be used without removing any strap components. The Clutch is similar, and its makers say it is designed specifically to complement the camera's style in an unobtrusive way.

Peak Design's Clutch camera strap.  Anchor Links for connection to a camera strap.

For those who already have a camera strap that they like, Peak Design has also introduced quick connectors called Anchor Links. The connectors, which support over 200 lbs of force, use Delrin Anchor disks and can be removed single-handedly by pressing the disks inward and sliding the strap free.

Included in the Kickstarter campaign is an update to Peak Design's CapturePRO Camera Clip. The clip, which is aimed at climbers and similarly active photographers, will be receiving a quick-release PROplate. The PROplate includes Anchor Links connection points rather than strap loops, an adjustable screw, and more.

Anyone who backs the project on Kickstarter is given a choice of one of the following items - Anchor Links for a pledge of $15, the Clutch strap for $30, the Slide for $50, and CapturePRO's new PROplate is available as an 'add-on' to a pledge for an additional $25.

Brittany Hillen is a contributing news writer for DPReview.