Carrying the slightly odd 'Face it, Beam it, Blog it' tagline the new seven megapixel three times zoom ultra-compact Z10fd digital camera from Fujifilm looks very cool, especially in black (it is available in four more neon-like colors). Face it refers to face detection technology, which is kind of expected in a compact camera these days. Beam it indicates support for IrSimple InfraRed communication and Blog it, well pretty much goes without saying, it allows you, "the bloggers of the world", to produce 640x480 or 320x240 images straight in the camera (this used to be called email mode). The Z10fd should be available in September at around $200.

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Press Release:


The New 7.2 MP FinePix Z10fd Style–Cam Features Cutting Edge Technology that Flirts with Today's Youth

Valhalla, N.Y., July 26, 2007 – Responding to popular demand to be 'hooked up' at all times, FUJIFILM U.S.A. Inc. today unveiled a brand new digital camera designed specifically for today's fashion-conscious digital natives. Combining cutting edge technology with style and sophistication, the FinePix Z10fd provides tech-savvy Gen 'Z' users with an eye-catching digital camera that makes it easy to take great pictures and share them with the press of a button.

The 7.2 MegaPixel FinePix Z10fd features an ultra-portable design, making it easy to take this sexy micro-mini camera anywhere you go and it comes in five brilliant colors to match the latest styles of today's fashionistas – Wave Blue, Wasabi Green, Hot Pink, Sunset Orange, and Midnight Black.  It also sports a Fujinon 3x optical Zoom lens, 2.5" LCD screen and packs 54MB of internal memory to give you some extra room when your memory card has had its fill.  With its stunning high-resolution LCD, the FinePix Z10fd also has a cool new slideshow mode from Fujifilm that let's you view and share your photos spontaneously with friends with music provided to help set the mood.   

Face_it, Beam_it, Blog_it

With endless possibilities the FinePix Z10fd makes it easy and fun to stay connected with friends and family and share all life's moments through technology. 


Capturing the ultimate party pictures will never be an issue with the FinePix Z10fd, as it features Fujifilm's innovative Face Detection Technology. A one-touch selectable mode that identifies up to 10 human faces in a scene, Face Detection Technology sets the correct focus for a chosen primary face and exposure for all detected faces automatically, regardless of where subjects are located within the frame. It can cope with back-lit scenes such as concerts and it also comes in handy for capturing the perfect self portrait. The Z10also includes a new Automatic Red Eye Removal feature, that works in conjunction with Face Detection.  Red eye is a common complaint given by 60% of digital camera users.  Z10 instantly checks each detected face for red eye, and if it's found, corrects it automatically, saving the time consuming process of fixing it in your PC after the image is downloaded.


The FinePix Z10fd comes equipped with Fujifilm's innovative IrSimple™ technology for fast, easy wireless image transfer to any IrSimple™ equipped device.  With the FinePix Z10fd you can capture the moment, point to a similar device and share the image instantly with friends – so instead of making an innocent bystander take the group photo with five different cameras, they'll only have to take it once and IrSimple™ handles the rest.


Also making life easier for the bloggers of the world, the FinePix Z10fd comes equipped with Fujifilm's handy Blog Mode that lets you post pictures to blogs, websites, auctions, or e-mail with ease by copying and automatically resizing any image you've captured to a properly sized 640x480 (VGA) (or 320 x 240) image size, right in the camera, saving time from downloading it and adjusting it on your PC.

In addition to these innovations, the FinePix Z10fd is hooked up with the following fantastic features:

  • Picture Stabilization: Picture Stabilization utilizes higher sensitivities, up to ISO 1600 in the Z10fd, (with an incredibly high signal to noise ratio for clean images), and faster shutter and operational speeds to help reduce camera shake, freeze subject movement and improve low light background detail.
  • i-Flash Intelligent Flash: i-Flash detects subtle lighting differences within a scene, and then varies the flash intensity accordingly. It also leverages the high sensitivity of the Z10fd to enable the camera to use less flash, preventing that "blasted with light" effect that so many digital camera flashes leave you with. The result is pleasing, natural tones with no flash "wash-out".
  • Dual Shot Mode:  In this mode, the FinePix Z10fd quickly shoots two images in succession -- one with and one without the flash -- saving both. This convenient function lets the user perform an on-the-spot picture comparison and decide whether the FinePix Z10fd produced the most pleasing photo with flash, or without.
  • Special Scene Modes: The FinePix Z10fd has 14 scene positions including Fireworks, Beach and Snow, offering a one-touch setting for almost any situation.
  • xD / SD / SDHC Compatible slot: A new single media slot accepts both xD Picture Card and SD/SDHC media cards.  One slot – two media options.
  • Battery Life: Long-life rechargeable Li-ion battery (up to 200 shots).

"Fujifilm recognized that today's younger generation wants to be connected with their friends at all times and that there wasn't a digital camera manufacturer that really addressed this." said David Troy, Senior Product Manager, Consumer Digital Cameras, Electronic Imaging Division, FUJIFILM U.S.A., Inc. "We decided to create a camera that would mesh our latest technological advancements with today's popular trends and styles, and came up with the Z10fd."


Further information on the FinePix Z10fd will be available at, the official website created especially to celebrate the 'Z-Lifestyle,' when it goes live on August 1st.  Along with a myriad of fun downloads and interactive displays, aspiring photographers between the ages of 18 and 24 will have the chance to submit original photos in a competition that will award 4 lucky winners with a VIP trip to New York to attend the Z10fd launch party in October.

The FinePix Z10fd will debut in late September at a retail price of $199.95.

Fujifilm Finepix Z10fd Specifications


• 1/2.5" Type CCD
• 7.2 million effective pixels

Image sizes • 3072x2304
• 3072x2048
• 2304x1728
• 1600x1200
• 640x480
Movie clips • 640x480 @ 30fps
• 320x240 @ 30fps
• Monaural sound
File formats • JPEG Exif v2.2
• AVI (Motion JPEG)
Lens • 3x optical zoom
• 38 - 114 mm (35 mm equiv)
• F3.7 - 4.2
Image stabilization No
Conversion lenses No
Digital zoom up to approx. 4.8x
Focus distance Normal: Approx. 60cm/2.0 ft. to infinity
Wide macro: Approx. 8cm/3.1 in. to 80cm/2.6 ft.
Telephoto macro: Approx. 60cm/2.0 ft. to 3.0m/9.8 ft.
AF area modes Center, Multi-area
Metering TTL 256-zones metering
ISO sensitivity • Auto
• ISO 64
• ISO 100
• ISO 200
• ISO 400
• ISO 800
• ISO 1600
Shuttter speed 3sec. to 1/1000 sec. (depends on exposure)
Aperture F3.7 / F4.9 / F8

• Auto
• Manual
• Natural Light
• Natural Light & with Flash
• Portrait
• Landscape
• Sport
• Night
• Auction
• Sunset
• Snow
• Beach
• Museum
• Party
• Flower
• Text
• Picture Stabilization
• Movie

White balance • Automatic scene recognition
• Fine
• Shade
• Fluorescent light (Daylight)
• Fluorescent light (Warm White)
• Fluorescent light (Cool White)
• Incandescent light
Self timer 2 or 10sec
Continuous shooting • Top-3 (max 1.4 frames/sec)
• Final-3 (max 1.4 frames/sec)
• Long-period (max 0.6 frames/sec)
Flash • Auto
• Red-eye reduction
• Forced On
• Forced Off
• Slow Sync
• Wideangle range: 0.7 - 3.9m (2.3 - 12.9 ft)
• Telephoto range: 0.7 - 3.4m (2.3 - 11.2 ft)
• Macro range: 0.3 - 0.8m (1.0 - 2.6 ft)
Other features

• Face Detection (with Red-eye removal)
• High-speed shooting
• Best framing
• Frame No. memory

Playback functions • Face Detection
• Slide show
• Scrap book view slide show
• Trimming
• Single frame
• Multi-frame playback including Micro Thumbnail mode
• Sorting by date
• Image rotate
• Voice Memo
Viewfinder No
LCD monitor • 2.5-inch Amorphous silicon TFT
• 150,000 pixels
• Approx. 100% coverage
Connectivity • DC in
• AV out (NTSC / PAL)
• USB 2.0 High-Speed
Wireless connectivity

IrSimple™ / IrSS™

Print compliance DCF/DPOF
Storage • xD-Picture Card
• SD/SDHC card
• Internal memory (54 MB)
Power • NP-45 Li-ion battery
• Optional AC adapter
Weight (no batt) 110 g (3.9 oz)
Dimensions 91.2 x 56.6 x 18.8 mm (3.6 x 2.2 x 0.8 in)

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