Flickr has revised its image viewing pages for the first time in several years - finally letting images expand on larger monitors. The long-awaited feature, which Flickr is calling 'liquid' design, uses the largest image it can to fit your browser window, without ever upscaling. This combines with the latest version of 'lightbox' which shows your images as large as it can on the whole screen. Sadly the best results only come for images uploaded since March 1st 2012, for which 1600 and 2048 pixel versions will have been generated.

The launch comes just as tech blog Gizmodo published a scathing criticism of Yahoo's ownership of the company. And, while the move doesn't address many of the article's concerns, it does at least make pictures look good on Flickr - for so long a glaring oversight for a dedicated photography site.

 Flickr's redesign uses larger versions of images for browsing...
 ...and still larger ones for full-screen viewing