UPDATE: When Canon's countdown clock reached zero this morning, the big surprise turned out to be... a 'marketing initiative.' Canon wants to remind consumers that its products can help them 'see impossible,' and it is doing so with an interactive website. The campaign will also include efforts in print, digital and live events. If you were waiting for the next big thing in imaging, it looks like you can keep on waiting.

Canon is counting down to something, offering by way of a clue a 1990s-era Apple-style series of veiled half-references to 'excuses, distractions, procrastination, inertia, critics, cynics, realists, pessimists, resistance, conventional wisdom [...] the easy way out, the snooze button, the panic button, and to that little voice in the back of your head that says, “It can't be done.”'. What the company is referring to is entirely unclear, but Canon's obscurometer runs down tomorrow October 7th, 6am Pacific time.

Naturally we're rooting for a Wi-Fi-enabled 6x4 inch portable printer. But what are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments.