Nikon 1 J5 Overview
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Nikon 1 J5 Overview

While Nikon's DSLRs tend to get the most attention, its 1-series mirrorless cameras have become more and more capable since their introduction in 2011. Nikon has divided its 1-series models into three segments, covering entry level (S-series), midrange (J-series), and high-end (V-series). The company's latest midrange offering is the Nikon 1 J5, which sports a more upscale, classic look than its predecessor (the J4). There are more exciting changes than just appearance, as you'll see in the following slides. 

The most obvious change to the J5 is its appearance, which is less boxy than its predecessor and more in line with the Panasonic GM-series cameras. The J5 has an actual grip which, if the faux leather has some 'stick' to it, will make the camera easier to hold. 

Like all Nikon 1-series cameras, the J5 uses a 1"-type sensor and CX-mount lenses, of which there are now thirteen. The crop factor on the 1-series cameras is 2.7x. Those who want to use Nikon F-mount lenses can do so via the FT1 adapter.

The J5 will be available in several configurations. In the US you can get the body with a 10-30mm (27-81mm equiv.) F3.5-5.6 VR power zoom lens for $499. Adding in the 30-100mm (81-270mm equiv.) F3.8-5.6 VR telephoto brings the price to $749. If you want one lens to handle it all, there's also a bundle with the 10-100mm (27-270mm equiv.) priced at $1049.  Available colors include silver/black, silver/white, and all black.