I've had my eye on Bibble for a while, now it's gone version 1 I thought I'd bring it to the attention of any D1 owners out there. Eric Hyman wrote Bibble to explore the 16-bit .NEF RAW image format from the Nikon D1 (and to save money on having to buy Nikon's Capture software), he's progressed it to an amazing level, it'll now browse and import .NEF files straight into Photoshop, it'll also do conversions, magenta fix, batch conversions and extract EXIF exposure information. (It's even claimed to give better colour reproduction than Nikon Capture!)

This about Bibble color correction "The color correction algorithm in bibble is very sophisticated, the mapping from D1 Color space to Abstract space is based up calibration test I have performed using a Kodak Q60 Color reference target. The target was photographed under daylight conditions using a custom white balance. Once acquired, The over 200 Color samples on the image were compared with reference data from Kodak to generate an optimalset of curves for the entire tonal range of the D1 rather than focusing on a narrow set of primaries. The resulting curves produce pleasing accurate images, and even hold up well with poorly exposed or lit subjects as well as different lighting conditions. "

Click here for the Bibble v1.0 home page

Click here to download Bibble v1.0 (2.8MB)