Ok, good news Nikontech USA have also posted the 1.3 firmware, so it's now available for all 950's (PAL or NTSC).

Version 1.2 and 1.3 improvements

  • Increased general brightness of LCD monitor
  • Added function: Auto Sensitivity, increases sensitivity in low light.
  • Matrix Auto White Balance
  • Auto File Numbering setting in [A]-REC mode (was previously only available in M-Rec)
  • Improved brightness of LCD monitor in low-light shooting

Improvements and bug fixes in version 1.3 (in addition to 1.2)

  • Improvement in white balance control in fixed aperture mode
    If you select fixed aperture mode in manual white balance mode, the image sometimes becomes green. This problem has been solved.
  • Improved manual focus accuracy
    With some cameras, when manual focus is set to infinity, the focus became inaccurate. This has also been overcome.
  • Condition under which Preset white balance data is reset changed
    With Ver. 1.2, the set value by preset white balance was reset when fixed aperture mode is set to off. With Ver.1.3, the value is not reset when this mode is turned off.

Duh! Can someone explain to me why NikonTech USA changed their domain name from nikontechusa.com to nikontech-usa.com without informing anyone.. sigh.

Nikontech USA NTSC Firmware download page
(Note, you should only install US NTSC firmware on US 950's)

Nikon Europe PAL Firmware ftp site (Windows) (Mac)
(e95013pdl.zip / e95013pdl.sit.hqx - Can be installed on PAL 950's - Europe / SE Asia)

(Little disclaimer: DPR accepts no responsibility for damage caused by installing new firmware, you should read and fully understand instructions before installation).