Sony has expressed commitment to its CMOS sensor division as it announces plans to split out its video and sound business into a subsidiary.

Sony has announced that it will be branching off its audio and video departments into a separate subsidiary. Sony previously spun off its VAIO PC business one year ago, and the creation of new departments aims to make the company into a profitable entity.

Sony's main focus will be on its entertainment production company, Sony Pictures, as well as PlayStation and image sensor sales. The press release also mentions Sony's commitment to invest in CMOS image sensor development, citing an initiative to 'increase production capacity and enhance R&D' in the category. Chief Executive Officer, Kazuo Hirai, also noted that Sony might ultimately sell off its smartphone and TV businesses to focus on core offerings.

Sony users can rest easy, though, as the company categorizes its imaging division as a 'stable profit generator.' The division has generated money for Sony over the past two quarters, with favorable changes in exchange rates and increased sales of high-value cameras compensating for the continued decline of conventional compact camera sales.