Aska Corporation, Japan has today announced the new CF32A 'Speed Over' PCMCIA CardBus CF adapter. Because this new adapter uses the high speed 32-bit CardBus interface it can deliver transfer speeds of 5 MB/sec (compared to the 1.2 MB/sec of the normal PCMCIA interface). This would no doubt provide welcome relief to Notebook users and photographers 'in the field' who often have to put up with slow image transfer performance. The CF32A is a PCMCIA Type II CardBus card and supports Compact Flash Type I or II including the IBM Microdrive.

UPDATE 12/May/03: We have managed to contact the manufacturer who has unfortunately confirmed that this is a Japan domestic market only product, they have no plans to export it. Which is a shame, lets hope another manufacturer with international distribution can realize the potential of this product.

Aska Corp CF32A 'Speed Over' Compact Flash adapter