Photogaphy technique site has published an online guide entitled 'Making Sharp Images'. Billed by author Lloyd Chambers as the 'missing guide' to understanding and combating the many possible sources of blur, it covers a wide range of topics while aiming to be both accessible to beginners and technical enough for experts. It's available by subscription only at, priced at $44.95 for one year.

Press Release:

diglloyd Making Sharp Images - The Missing Manual For Image Sharpness

PORTOLA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, September 8, 2010 --- DIGLLOYD, INC. today announced Making Sharp Images (, the “missing manual” for image sharpness, a key concern of digital photographers.

Countless photographers are frustrated because too many shots don’t turn out, their expensive cameras don’t see to deliver what they promised, and they don’t understand why. Making Sharp Images tackles that frustration head-on by showing how to make a critically sharp image “in-camera” and fully exploit the sensor’s resolution.

Making Sharp Images distills years of research and field experience into an easy to follow reference, loaded with numerous examples and how-tos. “I wanted to demystify the sources of blur and un-sharpness that plague even experienced shooters, and better equip them to get the sharp photographic results they want, while saving them the years of trial and error it took me!” said Lloyd Chambers, author of Making Sharp Images, and editor of

In Making Sharp Images, readers learn how to both evade and harness blur through equipment choices and shooting technique. Accessible by beginners and yet technical enough for experts, this publication explains each topic with practical examples in plain language. Scary-sounding concepts like Field Curvature and Diffraction are made comprehensible, interesting and useful!

Reader Aravind Krishnaswamy remarks, “What’s remarkable is that it took me 5 years and thousands of hours of reading various texts, sifting through all the BS and nonsense on various fora, and experimenting with lenses to collect this information in my head. If “Making Sharp Images” had been available 5 years ago, it would have saved me a LOT of time and effort.”

DIGLLOYD associate Martin Doudoroff adds, “Making Sharp Images is the real missing manual, no matter what digital camera you have.”

Making Sharp Images also offers considerable depth, covering 24 kinds of blur, bokeh, getting peak sharpness with perfect focus, tripod and handheld shooting, digital sensor technology, how to test a lens and camera, case studies, depth of field, diffraction, field curvature, focus shift, lens aberrations, modulation transfer function, optical behavior, choosing equipment, research on tripods, ballheads and image stabilization, and more! 

== Pricing and Availability
Making Sharp Images is a web publication sold on a subscription basis, and like other DIGLLOYD publications, is steadily enhanced and updated with new material. One year costs US$44.95, and renewals are deeply discounted. Making Sharp Images is available now at