An inventor from Bristol in the UK is developing an LED-based light source that promises to produce a burst of flash short enough to freeze a bullet. The Vela One, which will be priced at a similar level to standard hotshoe flashguns, uses nine LEDs arranged in a bank that generates a million lumens. It's powered by just four AA cells that the inventor claims will last a full day’s shooting. At the moment Vela One is a Kickstarter project that has raised £20,500 of a £25,000 target, but the project aims to have the lights ready for Spring 2015.

According to the inventor, Matt Kane, formerly a technician with Triggertrap, the prototype Vela One has a guide number of 1.5m/5ft at ISO 100, but he expects the final version to be slightly more powerful. 'If the Vela seems low power, bear in mind that while the peak brightness is quite a bit higher than the speedlight, it is over a much shorter period. This is why there is less light generated', he says, going on to give an example in which the Vela One was placed 60cm/2 feet from the subject to give an exposure of f/7.1 and ISO 800.

Synchronisation with the camera means working with the shutter open in a dark room, while the flash itself can be fired via a range of readily available triggers. Vela One has 2.5mm and 3.5mm audio sockets.

The lowest pledge that will secure a Vela One is currently £495/$780. For more information visit the Vela One website or the Kickstarter page