Topaz Labs has released the latest version of its DeNoise noise reduction plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. It incorporates the company's latest 'IntelliNoise' noise reduction technology that aims to remove noise from images while maintaining detail. It is available as a free upgrade for existing users or $79.99 for first-time buyers.

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Here we compare a JPEG image taken with the Pentax K-x at ISO 1600 before and after processing with Topaz DeNoise 4. We have set the Noise Reduction to 'JPEG with moderate noise' preset with some fine tuning using the 'Overall Strength' feature.. Further adjustments to images can be made in color, shadow and highlight areas while processing. The plug-in also offers an option to add grain and reduce blur.

Pentax K-x JPEG @ ISO 1600
Pentax K-x JPEG @ ISO 1600
(After Topaz DeNoise 4)

Press Release:

Topaz Labs Unveils New Image Noise Reduction Technology

New IntelliNoise Technology Powers Topaz DeNoise 4 Noise Reduction Plug-in

DALLAS, Texas---Topaz Labs announces "IntelliNoise," a new proprietary noise reduction technology that specializes in removing image noise while recovering detail. IntelliNoise uses a different new method of noise reduction, and makes its product debut in the newly upgraded Topaz DeNoise 4.

This new noise reduction technology combines proprietary Topaz Labs research with the latest concepts in image processing to simultaneously remove noise and recover detail. In-house tests showed that IntelliNoise can reliably remove up to four stops of noise while preserving detail and sharpness in the image. This feature of IntelliNoise can be highly beneficial to photographers who regularly shoot in low lighting or high-speed environments because it effectively gives them four more stops of light.

"Removing noise is easy. The real challenge is to also recover details obscured by the noise," explains Dr. Albert Yang, the primary innovator of IntelliNoise. "IntelliNoise analyzes patterns in the entire image to discover underlying detail and to recover it in the final result. This is very different than any other method, and so far we've been very pleased with the positive reception of the technology among our beta testers.”

The new Topaz DeNoise 4 plug-in is the only commercial noise reduction software to use IntelliNoise technology. It is a plug-in that works with a variety of host programs including Photoshop, Aperture, and Lightroom for Mac and Windows.

Topaz DeNoise 4 with IntelliNoise is a free upgrade for existing DeNoise customers and retails for $79.99. For more information about Topaz DeNoise and IntelliNoise technology, visit the homepage at