Sony has today announced a firmware update for the recently introduced DSC-R1 digital camera. This update appears to correct for hot pixel artifacts in certain exposures. This update is intended for application to a range of cameras as designated by their serial number (details inside). There is no other information about any other fixes included in this update.

Phil: Note the announcement below is from Sony US and relates only to cameras in North America, we don't have any serial number ranges for cameras in the rest of the world which may need this update. If in doubt check your local support site.


Sony CyberShot DSC-R1 firmware update

Sony today announced a firmware update for certain initial production DSC-R1 Cyber-shot® digital cameras.  The update corrects the symptom described below:

A minute and irregular dot (or dots) of color or brightness in a recorded image.  This symptom results from an incorrect image processing firmware setting, which is easily corrected by a firmware update.

Sony is offering a this firmware update to customers of DSC-R1 Cyber-shot® digital still cameras bearing a serial number in the range(s) set forth below:

United States Serial Number Ranges

3,500,001 through 3,501,390
3,501,531 through 3,501,650
3,501,791 through 3,501,840

Canada Serial Number Range

4,400,001 through 4,400,700

Only units within the above noted serial number ranges will benefit from this update. 

If you have an affected camera, you may download the firmware update from the following web site:

The support site is:

The R1 page is:

Units purchased in the United States with serial numbers other than those listed above already incorporate the new firmware and do not need this update.

Should you have any questions related to this issue or difficulty downloading the firmware, please contact the Sony Customer Information Services Center at 1-866-703-7669.